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Live. Don’t Just Exist.

I have existed way too long to not have lived yet. The past month I have been doing a ton of reflecting. I don't know if God is setting me up for a new chapter in my life or is Mercury Retrograde really doing a number on me but a sister is going through an… Continue reading Live. Don’t Just Exist.

Life Happens, Personal Blog

You Are Your Top 5

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”- John Rohn The first time I heard this quote was from a wannabe public speaker who tried to scam myself and the rest of his newly hired team to bring him in clients for his scam of a workshop. He may… Continue reading You Are Your Top 5

Life Happens, Personal Blog

I’m Not Moved By Your Movements

Over the weekend thousands of young Americans participated in #MarchForOurLives to encourage and promote gun law reform as well as calling for an end to gun violence.  Main stream media and online advocates (through Twitter/Instagram/Facebook...etc) from around the world cheered on-- as children & teenagers spoke courageously on stage; & others gathered in the mall… Continue reading I’m Not Moved By Your Movements